A Doodle Flight
5.7 MB

A Doodle Flight is another great shooter game for the iPhone and iPod Touch but with the very popular hand drawn graphics. The graphics are very simple, yet very cute and effective. The graphics are very unified and look hand drawn, perfectly made doodle graphics. The animations pop out with bubbles exploding out of each enemy you eliminate, and everything is extremely smooth and no lag at all. The two ships have pastel colors, reminiscent of chalk. The whole UI has this hand-drawn look. The new ability to draw and add your own plane is absolutely amazing and makes the game just that much better than any other game of this genre. Doodle Flight has cute controls, 3 schemes in all, just tilt, touch/tilt, and  just touch. The tilt is set to vertical by default, but there is a calibration option for you to use making the game controls very maleable. It is very responsive, and the other controls are very nice. Touch/tilt is by far the best option with you able to change the methods(from touch to tilt or vise versa) on the go without changing any options, if you stop touching the screen, it reverts to tilt controls. Touch again and it follows your finger. The game is identical to such games as Galaga in concept and play, and has three levels of difficulty. You go into a seemingly never ending barrage of wonderfully drawn monsters, and try to live as long as you can. There are a total of 9 stages and 9 bosses as of current time, including the addition of a final master boss at the end. There are a number of bonus items featured in the game. Ones that add more bullets per shot, a three way split, missiles, and other nice things that improve the game. You are scored for each creature you kill, and other things, around 10 points per kill. The game has the ability to immerse players into it which is needed for a game of this type. The addition of online hi-scores can keep you playing for ten minute stretches or longer. The game is now even better with Facebook Connect. You can keep playing and challenging friends through Facebook, and a public scoreboard. One thing that I would love to see in this game is the option to select a level to play so that there will always be the urge to beat old scores. Also I found that the levels went by really fast so a few more wouldn't hurt.

All in all, this is one of the best top-down shooters on the iPhone and iPod Touch. At an attractive price and beautiful graphics, it is a title that any fan of Galaga should have. For $0.99, you get all the game play of other higher priced games at only a fraction of what they ask. I've always enjoyed playing doodle drawn graphic games and A Doodle Flight is by far one of the best offered in the App Store. It brings enjoyable play with beautiful graphics, creating an awesome game and all around fun.

9/10 - For a lack of a level select option and levels.

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