Aqua Globs
6.1 MB

Aqua Globs is an original yet repetitive game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It brings yet another drawing game to the App Store that’s different from the rest with similar features.  In Aqua Globs, you must connect two globs together to form an ultra glob, then connect the ultra glob with another ultra glob for the globs to finally explode.  There are three types of globs (blue, orange, and green) and online highscores to compete with the best.  It’s a fun an interesting game but the interest just isn't there for me. The standard for almost all App Store games now seems to be a polished look.  Recently, I’ve been noticing that more and more games are designed well and look at least decent.  Aqua Globs is not exempt from that, and it features some awesome artwork that’s very well done and nice to look at. Some may say that it’s like Flight Control so it’s not original at all, but the core gameplay is different and not currently available with any other game.  The idea is crisp and new, and it actually works out pretty well. The stats provided for the game are pretty extensive ranging from average to online highscore.  It shows it in a full list of achievements/stats, and I thought it was nice to know all the random stats that I had earned. Most games either feature double or no speed.  In Aqua Globs, there’s a feature that can make the game go up to three times the initial gameplay speed.  Although the default gameplay speed is a little slow, it’s really nice to choose between speeds.  Double speed would have been enough, but triple speed makes the game worthy for hardcore gamers.

While playing the game I would experience enormous rushes of globs, then a quiet time. Then another rush of globs would come, and so on and so forth.  Instead of a gradual increase of globs, large rushes of them were a little overwhelming and frustrating at times.  The beginning also seems somewhat slow, then once the game progresses, huge rushes start suddenly coming in.  Balancing needs some tweaking before it can be adequate. Keep in mind though that there is the fast-forward to get through the slow parts. Currently, there are only two types of globs along with a green one that can combine with any glob.  After the game develops, seeing the same types of globs over and over again gets really repetitive.  More globs would have made the game a lot more interesting, and with only two types of globs, it’s hard to catch your interest for too long. However the developers have created more levels and globs to keep the game fresh and fun so I see no lack of content or interest in the future.

As I said the graphics in the game are very nice and compliment the game very well. The overall feel of the game is very good as well and make the player enjoy playing. The music and sounds are executed perfectly and you have the options to play the music, the sounds or neither if you prefer to listen to your own music. I found the game to be original yet become repetitive very quickly, but it will get more content in coming updates so that is something to look forward to. Aqua Blobs is a fun game with a few flaws, but will provide a great time for anyone who enjoys nice graphics, original gameplay, and excellent sounds.

8/10 - For a lack of different globs, levels, and a gradual learning curve.

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