Archibald's Adventures
Rake in Grass
7.0 MB

Archibald's Adventures is fun puzzler filled with a ton of levels. The opening of the game features a slide show about the background of the game.  It is basically that a boy has tried to show off his skateboard skills and fell into the basement of a mad scientists house. At that time the scientists experiments were loose in the house and the supercomputer has locked the house down. Therefore you are trapped in the house and need to find your way to the supercomputer and shut it down in order to escape the house. The controls in the game are quite simple: you use a d-pad to move. You will start the game with very easy levels meant to familiarize you with the game and then the difficulty will progress to the point that you need to think about your every move. The game starts with you on your skateboard that you had originally fallen into the house on, then you will find a mysterious bubble machine that will allow you to activate switches and move boxes without actually moving your player. Then alter in the game you will control a robotic vehicle that can climb walls, and even a jet-pack type of device. The game requires a lot of technique and skill to complete later levels and will keep the player entertained for hours and hours. The levels contain mini help stations that will tell you about new enemies, new devices, new objects, or new obstacles. The stations not only inform the player of everything in the game but also keep the instructions almost fun because learning about the game will not require reading pages upon pages of instructions.

The game is very fun and I found that levels were very well thought out and very amusing. There are dozens of creatures to avoid along your journey to find the supercomputer and each one adds a new level of difficulty to the game. Some fly and some run making your every move important to your survival.

As if the 114 levels originally included in the game were not enough, the developers have released even more additional levels bringing the grand total to 179 levels. You can trust that that amount of content for a very fun game will make you positive that the $5 was well worth it. The levels will provide you with hours upon hours of fun and enjoyment.

The artwork and graphics in the game are very nice for the type of gameplay it offers. However if you are looking for beautiful graphics and a short game, this is not the one for you. Archibald's Adventures is meant to give a lot of content and amusing artwork in order to make the perfect package. The amount of levels, the detailed story line, and the endless fun make this game one of the best, if not the best puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

10/10 - For an overall great game

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