Castle of Magic
76.9 MB

Castle of Magic is a platformer using a virtual d-pad, and a couple action buttons to maneuver five magical worlds. The story is pretty basic with you and your friend, Jenny, playing video games until their console breaks down, so they go to the beach. Once there, a gap in the universe opens pulling you and Jenny in. Once there, you meet the evil magician Nefastax who takes Jenny. You become a magician and have to follow him through five magical worlds to rescue her. Along the way you will have to fight enemies, use magical powers, and transform into different characters to make it through the challenges Nefastax puts in your way.

Combine the gameplay with the beautiful visuals and outstanding audio and you have a real winner. The best feature is simply being a deluxe and intricate platformer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Included are five worlds to explore with three levels and a boss in each world. Each boss stage requires five of the same action to defeat them rather than the typical three. During the game you collect purple jewels for points and health, as well as magician’s hats for extra lives. Each level has three star orbs to locate that are hidden very well in most of the levels. When I first played through I thought there were only five worlds, but then after completing them, it only opened the inner castle with five more levels and a final boss, definitely a great surprise. The inner castle’s levels are much longer and much more difficult, each falling under the respective themes. The themes include: forest, pirate, cake, ice, and space, all with theme specific and intricate backgrounds and elements. Also included are varying upgrades depending on the world you’re in. You become a hunter in the forest, a swordfish in the sea, a fatty with the cake, an Inuit in the ice, and change magnetism in space. The controls are simple with a d-pad, a jump button, and a magical attack button. You tap the jump button for one jump, again for a double jump, and then hold to glide.

Most of Castle of Magic is excellent beginning with the 3D graphics. Each of the worlds is extremely colorful and intertwined with the theme. The backgrounds are nice and change as you progress in the level. The animations are great from the different magical attacks you have, to the enemies bursting out smacking on the screen. The 3D worlds are simply spectacular and may be the best seen on the iPhone. The sounds definitely add to the magical experience with a different appropriate soundtrack for each theme, with a little variation for each level. The boss stages have different songs that increase in speed and intensity as you are closer to defeating them. Most aspects of the controls are good with the jumping and magical attack button working perfectly every time. The D-pad works most of the time, but has occasional problems seen in The Bad below.

Maybe the best aspect of this game is the true traditional platforming experience that provides one of the most fun experiences in the App Store. The game has deep levels with many secret areas to explore with plenty of collectibles along the way. Not only do the levels have plenty of length, but also included is a score for each level as well as a star system to collect. The levels have some replayability to collect all of the goodies, and better your score.

A problem with this game is the d-pad which works most of the time, but has occasional problems. The problem is when you’re trying to jump a long distance, and you’re pressing left or right, it often picks it up as down on the d-pad and it does a ground pound. In playing I lost numerous lives when I’m trying to leap across a gap, and instead of moving right, he stops and does a ground pound straight down the gap.

Castle of Magic is nearly perfect, and if you can handle dedicating time to play it then pick this up. With such deluxe levels, and the new addition of saving mid level, this game is very recommended.

10/10 - For a great platformer on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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