Doodle Jump
Lima Sky
4.0 MB

Doodle Jump is a simple pick up and play game with nice hand-drawn graphics and a fun interface. The game has you controlling your doodle as he jumps from platform to platform trying to get as high as he can. You control your doodle using the accelerometer and you tilt it back and forth dodging enemies and landing on platforms. As you start the game there are a lot of platforms bunched together making it nearly impossible to fall through down and lose. As you get higher the platforms begin to dissipate and a lot more skill is involved in making the right moves. Several power-up are available as you make your way up the platforms such as a spring that shoots you up higher than a normal jump, or a jetpack that will give you a ride up to the higher platforms. However, while there are power-ups there are also obstacles for you to avoid. Some include platforms that break away when you jump on them, platforms that disappear after you jump on them once, and also some flying enemies that will stun your doodle and cause him to fall down thus ending the game. Enemies can be killed by tapping the screen which will cause your doodle to fire a bullet upwards, and if placed properly, kill the enemy. In a recent update calibration was added to the game so players will be able to play however they want. The update also added the option to jump on the enemy instead of shooting it to kill it. There is also an eater egg hidden in the game where you name your doodle Ooga and the doodle turns into a character from the popular iphone app Pocket God.

The games online leaderboards are very well done and you are ranked according to your highest score. When you submit your score to the leaderboards, players around the globe have the option to show your score while they play, so that they can see when they pass you. Players can also choose to just show their own scores while playing.

Overall this game is just great and has the element of re-playability. The artwork is very nice and perfect for this type of game. Lima Sky has come up with a true iPhone and iPod touch classic.

9/10 - For a lack of power-ups. 

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