Draw Race
RedLynx Ltd.
15.4 MB

Draw Race is a game that truly shows the simplicity of iPhone and iPod touch gaming, but also shows how simple games can be so fun and addictive. The game's premise involves you in complete control of a car which needs to be driven around a race track from a bird's eye point of view. Once you start the game you are given the option to play a one player game against a computer, a two player game against a friend on the same device, or a three player game against two friends on the same device. In the one player game you race against the computer and try to unlock new tracks and new game modes (time trial and racing against you own ghost time). The game uses the touch screen to control both the speed of your car and the path it takes around the track. You start with a tutorial track which tells you these controls and shows you exactly how to use them. You begin by putting your finger on the start line then draw a line around the track which your car will then follow. The faster you draw, the faster the car will drive, and the slower you draw the slower your car will drive. Over my course of playing this game I found that the key to a gold trophy on each race is to first find all the sharp turns then ensure that you draw your line extremely slow around those turns because if not the car has a tendency to skid off the track and lose precious seconds, and most of the time causing you the win. As you unlock more tracks the computer racers become harder and harder making a perfectly drawn course key to a victory.

The game does have online leaderboards and you are ranked according to your time on each track. Right now the first place times for the tracks are ridiculous, however do seem like they are achievable. There is also an online play where you can race against people around the world. This does add another element of play to the game and keeps things different from the computer racers.

I found the graphics to be very good for a simple pick up and play game and the controls to be very good, but it was sometimes very hard to get the car to go slowly around certain corners. The game is very well done, RedLynx Ltd. has come up with a great original racer for the iPhone and iPod touch.

8/10 - For a lack of tracks and for controls that are sometimes hard to execute.

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