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GloBall is a fun, new twist on block breaker games in the App Store. As you open the game you can already see that it will be a nice app that will stay on your device for a long time. The menu is simple and isn't crowded with pointless buttons that will actually end up confusing the player, rather it is clean and has only necessary buttons for the game to function. The point of the game is to move your ball and hit all the blocks throughout the different levels. You control your ball using the accelerometer bringing also another new element to this game. There are a total of over 50 levels in this game and each one offers something new to the game. The first levels are very easy and just meant to introduce the game to the player. The next few levels after that start to get a bit bigger and introduce enemies that you must avoid. This trend is seen throughout the whole game with each level getting a bit longer and a bit harder. The difficulty doesn't suddenly jump from easy to hard, rather it slowly increases in difficulty allowing the player to slowly learn the new elements being introduced and allowing the player to master those elements before new ones are introduced. Like other block breaker games, there are power-ups you can get from breaking certain blocks. The power-ups include Fire Ball, Ice Ball, Bomb Ball, Lightning Ball, and Nuclear Ball. The power-ups are pretty self explanatory from the titles but they all are very useful for in completing later levels.The gameplay doesn't change from level to level making some of the later levels somewhat repetitive and boring, but future updates to the game look promising and have been announced to introduce new enemies and more obstacles.

The feature in this game that may make it completely different from any other game in the App Store, is the global leaderboard. It is different than any other leaderboard I have ever seen. Instead of showing the highest scores from people around the world, you are shown the scores in you area, determined using the location feature in your device. After every level you are shown a 3D globe and you are shown your area and the scores from that area. You have the option to be shown the overall high scores or the scores for that specific level. You can also choose the option to see hi-scores in the entire world, but seeing the scores for your neighborhood is such an awesome feature that there i no reason to turn it off. However, the one thing that I don't like about the leaderboard, is the fact that you need an iPhone to use it. People running on an iPod Touch don't have the GPS in their device, making the neighborhood leaderboards worthless.

The controls work very well and the artwork/graphics are near perfect. The game offers hours of amusement and with future updates planned, you can be sure that you will get you money's worth. GloBall is an excellent twist on classic block breaker games and nice addition to any iPhone or iPod Touch.

9/10 - For limited leaderboards on an iPod Touch.

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