Harbor Master
Imangi Studios LLC
7.1 MB

Harbor Master is another draw to move game for the iphone and ipod touch. As you open the game the first thing you see id the beautifully done menu with the choices to play the game, the instructions, the options, credits, and more games. In the game you are given a boat harbor and boats that appear on the screen. You need to draw a line from the boats into a dock, wait for the boat to unload its cargo, then when its finished doing that, you need to draw a line going off the screen of the device. You are given four different harbors to navigate through in the game with only the first harbor, Fishing Bay, is unlocked when you first play the game. The second harbor Cyclone Island, is unlocked after you play Fishing Bay once. I believe that the third harbor, Sturgeon Creek is unlocked after you play Cyclone Island twice, then the fourth harbor, Cannon Beach is unlocked after you play Sturgeon Creek a few times. Each new harbor adds something new to the game. Fishing Bay is the first easy level that really has no elements to take into consideration except that as you unload more ships, more and more come onto the screen (but its like that for every harbor). Cyclone Island adds a whirlpool into the game which will cause your ships to veer of your track if they go over it. Sturgeon Creek adds ships with different colors of cargo, so you need to direct the ships to the right color dock. Cannon Beach adds a pirate ship which will appear with the other ships and try to take your ships' cargo then sink the ships. The only way to get rid of the pirates is to drag a line from a cannon on the bottom of the screen to the pirates and after being hit with a cannon ball twice, the pirate will sink.

The online leaderboards for the game are very in-depth and add a nice competitive element to the game. You are ranked separately for each harbor and are ranked according to how much cargo you collect on each harbor.

The artwork and gameplay are very nice and smooth adding to a very fun and addictive experience. There are three different sizes of ships (small and fast with one cargo, medium sized and slower with two cargo, and large and very slow with four cargo) keeping every game played different than the one previous. There is currently no reason not to pick up this game for only $0.99 and the developers developers have promised their buyers that a new map will be released every two weeks, keeping the game interesting and very fun.

10/10 - The nice controls, frequent updates, and beautiful artwork gives this game a perfect score.

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