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iCombat is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch very similar to a game in Wii Play known as Tanks! The game is quite simple: You control a tank and you need to destroy the enemy tanks to beat the level. You control your tank either with the accelerometer or a joystick in the bottom left corner. To shoot a bullet with your tank you simply tap in the direction you want to shoot, and to place a mine you move to where you want to place it, tap the mine button in the top right, move away ten tap the mine button again to explode it. iCombat has two different game modes: Campaign, and Skirmish. In the Campaign mode you need to fight of enemy tanks in 50 levels continuously increasing in difficulty. You will have a choice of three difficulty settings and two continues. Along the 50 levels bonus items can be picked up which can then be used in the levels following by tapping their icon in the top of the screen. The items that can be picked up include: Grenades, Homing Missiles, extra lives, a shield, an option to be invisible for 15 seconds, and freeze bullets (that freeze the enemies for 5 seconds). The items will be very useful and in most cases necessary to complete certain levels. In the Skirmish game mode you can play the levels that you had previously unlocked in the Campaign mode. You can either have a level randomly picked for you or you can just replay your favorite ones.

The game does also have a local multiplayer option where you can play against a friend on the same wi-fi network as you. You cannot, however play against players on different wi-fi networks, and you cannot play against more than one person as a time.

There are both local and online leaderboards for the game which add an element of challenge once you have beaten the Campaign mode. You are ranked on your scores for individual levels as well as your final score for each Campaign mode.

The nice cartoonish feel to the game and the fun re-playability it has make this game both a good time waster and pick-up-and-play game. The devs at The App Farm are constantly updating the game adding more levels to ensure you get what you paid for. I believe that this is a fun re-make for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

8/10 - For a lack of online multiplayer and a short Campaign.

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