Chillingo/Games Faction
18.9 MB

nkvaders is a great high quality game with beautiful artwork for your iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a fast action shoot ‘em up game.  You advance forward and kill aliens as they run up on you from both directions or are beamed down next to you. The more money you get, the bigger guns you can buy. However, be careful, using up your ammo will result in you having to change guns (usually to a smaller gun).  As you walk along you can grab things out of the air that give you more money or pickup items from boxes (that you tap to get) that give you various things such as ammo.  To put the game into “Rush” mode (super fast paced) just pickup one of the boxes with an “R” on it (some of the “?” marked boxes will also contain a “Rush”).

The graphics featured in Inkvaders are unique. I am reminded of paper-drawn cartoons where the foreground and background move at different speeds (to provide depth) but with obvious paper edges. I found the graphics pleasing and fun and definitely added to the appeal of the game. They are very smooth and make the game worth checking out alone.

The controls in Inkvaders are easy. Since you are on a single plane and you advance forward/backward and fire or use the jet-pack there are limited controls. You guessed it, forward/backwards/fire/jet-pack.  There’s also a weapon select in the top corner and a pause button.  Pressing the jet-pack button will allow you to do little ‘flights’ so that you can grab things flying in the air (give you money). The minimal controls are not a bad thing in a game like this. They make the screen less cluttered and make making decisions much easier (not having to look for buttons).

Upgrading guns or buying ammo only occurs when you come across a vending machine.  When you get there, touch the vending machine to go into purchase mode where you can select from more advanced guns (providing you have the money), ammo, health and fuel for the jet pack. Since vending machines only come across every once in a while you must be ready to buy when they do. Likewise, if you run out of ammo you’ll have to wait to buy more, so hopefully you have another weapon and ammo for it.

Inkvaders by Games Faction / Chillingo is a fun, fast-paced, action, shooter game that will keep your interest and excitement going.  Whenever I start playing it I have a hard time putting it down.  If you like shoot ‘em up style games then you can’t go wrong with Inkvaders. It is currently on sale for $0.99 and at that price this game is a no-brainer. The game definitely offers the re-playability factor that most gamers look for. Pick it up before the price increases.

9/10 - For a ton of re-playability but a little easy progression.

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