Last Cannon
8.0 MB

Last Cannon is a nice and original mix on color matching, shooter, and monster/alien games. Right from the main menu you can already see that the game has had time and effort put into it. The buttons are smooth and stylish and the background features the cannon from in the game which can be moved around with the accelerometer. The purpose of the game is to protect your cannon from incoming Knurlings. These creatures appear at the top of the screen and slowly make their way toward your cannon unless you destroy them. There are two colors os Knurlings: Blue and orange. There is also a green Knurling which is slower than the others but will take more shots to kill. To gain extra points you can change the color of the Knurlings to match surrounding ones to create a chain reaction when destroying them. If you shoot a blue Knurling with more blue Knurlings surrounding it, all the surrounding blue Knurlings will be destroyed as well. This action will also gain you extra bullets fro you cannon as well as more points. Now for the controls. You control your cannon either with the accelerometer or with your finger. The button which will fire a color changing beam is located in the bottom left and the regular fire button is in the bottom right. The button located in the middle at the bottom will fire a shockwave killing all Knurlings in the screen, but this will take time to re-load after using it.

The game will begin quite easy offering only a few Knurlings at a time but it will progress to get very hectic and nerve-racking. The key to the game is to ensure that you try getting as many chain reactions as possible because in the end this will decide whether or not you will live. In a recent update, upgrades were added to the game which a include super beam (changes the color of many Knurlings at once) and super rockets (fires three bullets at a time instead of one). Only one upgrade can be used at a time and will only last for a certain amount of time before returning it the regular state.

Last Cannon features both online and local leaderboards bringing an element of challenge to the game, always trying to get the highest score. You are ranked according to your hi-score at the end of  game once you have lost all you lives.

The game has very nice artwork and graphics making the experience that much better. As you play the game you feel as though the developers put a lot of time into the game, which I'm sure they did. The game is nearly perfect and loads of fun if your into color matching, alien shooting games. A must get at only $0.99.

9/10 - For a lack of upgrades

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