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MicroPool is a nice little time waster for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Right from reading the name I'm sure you can guess what this game is: a pool game. The controls are simple: you rotate the pool cue by moving your finger on the screen, and you adjust the power of your shot with a box on the side of the screen by pulling back with your finger. The game has four different game modes including 9-Ball, 8-Ball, Speed, and Killer. The 9-Ball game has you breaking a triangle of pool balls up to the 9 ball. The objective is to eventually be the one that sinks the 9 ball. The catch is that before you can sink the 9 ball all the other balls from 1-8 needs to be sunk. Starting with the 1 ball, you need to hit the 1 ball before any other balls and after the 1 ball is sunk you need to sink the 2 ball while hitting it before any other balls and so on for the rest leading up to the 9 ball. The 8-Ball game is your typical pool game. You break the balls and then you need to sink either the striped balls or solid balls depending on which one you got in first. The Speed game has you sinking all the balls from 1-9 as fast as you possibly can. The Killer game was one that I found very confusing. After looking it up I soon realized how to play. The players start with five points at the start of the game. If a player scratches of doesn't sink a ball he/she loses a point. The first person that loses all their points loses the game.

I found MicroPool to be one of the best, if not the best, pool games I have played on my iDevice. The top down view of the table allows the player to always see what's going on and the nice smooth graphics make it that much better. The ball physics are near perfect and make the matches you play always enjoyable. However there were also a few things I did not like about the game. The first is that there were no instructions on how to play the different pool games making it extremely difficult for rookie pool players to enjoy the game. Second I found the exit button in the bottom left corner to look out of place and sometimes interfere with the game. Not only that, but it does not pause the game, it quits to the main menu, but still allows you to continue your game. I would also like to hopefully see a multiplayer game mode (preferably online).

The game is generally a great pool game and it comes highly recommended for people who would like a quick game of pool on the go. The game has its flaws but they are not anything that really interferes with game itself.

8/10 - For a lack of instructions/game modes and a poorly placed exit button.

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