Monster Pinball
9.4 MB

Monster Pinball is another pinball game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but with something that the other games just can't offer. When you first open the  game you are given a beautiful loading screen that is finished in just seconds. The menu is very well done and quite enjoyable with lights and smooth buttons. The game is what you would expect for a pinball game. There are the paddles that you activate by tapping on either side of the screen and the spring that launches the ball by sliding your finger downward anywhere on the screen. The thing though that makes this game different from other pinball games in the App Store are the inter-connected tables. You start the game on a table and at certain parts on the table passages lead you onto a different one. There are a total of six completely unique tables and only one way to get from table to table. You are scored based on how many things you hit in the game, such as buttons or bumpers. Unfortunately that is about as in depth the game gets. There are no missions or challenges like there are in other pinball games such as Pinball: Fantasies. However the physics, smooth graphics, and nice artwork make up for the lack of challenges. You are also rewarded with extra balls, double points, etc. when you hit a certain number of things on a given table.

The game has both local and online leaderboards giving some purpose to playing, but I have always thought that you play pinball just to have some fun. You are ranked according to your final score when you run out of balls to shoot onto the table.

The physics and artwork make this game one of the best pinball games available and the inter-connected tables bring it over the others. The current price being asked is just right for the massive amount of re-playability given upon purchase. I have easily drained hours into the game just trying to beat my hi-score and discover new tables.

9/10 - For the lack of challenges

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