Moto X Mayhem
Occamy Games
10 MB
$0.99 (On Sale)

Moto X Mayhem is a very fun physics based dirt bike rider game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. When the game opens you are given the menu with the buttons for Play, Practice, How to Play, High Scores, and Options. In play you are brought right into the game and have seven stages to complete, each rising in difficulty. You are shown a quick breakdown of the controls then have to navigate you bike through each level in the fastest time you can get. Every time your biker falls over you will lose a life and have a total of five lives before you will have to start the game over at level one. In Practice you have the option to play any of the seven levels with no time limits, but you have five lives to practice with. It lets you master each level so that you can go and play then and get the best possible time. The How to Play screen shows you the controls of the game. The accelerate your bike you hold the right of the screen, to brake you hold the left of the screen, and to lean your rider you tilt your device either left or right. The High Scores are both online and local. You are ranked according to the time you receive at the end of completing all seven levels. You are timed on each level and when you complete the seventh level your times are all added up from each level and the sum of the times is your final score. The Options lets you adjust sound, music, and tilt sensitivity.

The difficulty of the game comes from the lives you are given to complete the levels. When you start you have five lives and every time your biker loses balance and falls off the bike you lose a life. You have to make it to the end of the seventh level without losing all your lives in order to get a score. Lose all your lives and you have to start back at level one and your score is reset.

Moto X Mayhem has amazing graphics and beautiful artwork. The background scenery in the game looks amazing on my device and the ragdoll physics work very well and also look amazing. The way that this game has turned out has showed that the developers really put work and thought into it. The controls work extremely well in this game and utilize both touch and tilt controls. Unfortunately the game has very few levels and may only last you for a short time. The good news is that the developers have promised more levels coming in new updates which will definitely  make this game so much better.

All-in-all the game is very fun and provides plenty of entertainment. It is a great addition to any idevice and brings a great overall experience.

8/10 - For a lack of content.

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