Parachute Panic
FDG Entertainment
6.2 MB

Parachute Panic is a nice little time management game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game starts with a nice loading screen showing some tips for the game, which lasts only a few seconds. The main menu in the game is also very well done and has very responsive buttons. As you start the game you have the option to play either an east game or a normal game. The object of the game is to safely land your parachutists on ships on the bottom of the screen. They will drop from planes that fly by on the top of the screen, and you need to tap them to deploy their parachute, and then navigate them to the ships on the bottom. To move them around you control wind by simply swiping your finger in the direction you want the wind to blow. The game will start very easy with you only needing to handle one parachutist and a stationary ship. But you begin to land more and more parachutists, the ships begin to get smaller and they begin to move, adding a new element of difficulty to the game. There are also obstacles that you need to dodge as you control your falling parachutists. They include a helicopter, a UFO, and a lightning cloud. Both the helicopter and the UFO can be destroyed by tapping them five times, which will earn you extra points. The lightning cloud, however, can not be destroyed and will have to be dodged. You have five lives before the game ends and you will lose a life by landing in the water and being eaten by a shark, by hitting a helicopter, by being abducted by the UFO, or by being struck by lightning by the lightning cloud.

Something worth mentioning in this game is he very amusing sound effects and music. Along with the beautiful hand-drawn feel to the game. Once you get game over you listen to a very funny and engaging song and a funny little shark on the screen.

The leaderboards are local, and lack online, which may steer people away from this game. You are ranked on your best and latest scores, and you receive points in the game by landing a parachutist,  destroying a helicopter or UFO, and by deploying your parachute right before hitting a ship.

The very addictive gameplay and nice graphics/music will keep you coming back to this game to try and beat your hi-score. Parachute Panic is a nice twist on the classic time management genre for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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