inXile Entertainment
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ShapeShape is a fun new game that takes control of both the touchscreen and accelerometer in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Right from opening up the game and seeing the beautiful menu, you can already see that a lot of hard work was put into the game. The entire point of the game is to guide your ShapeShape to the exit door, and to collect stars scattered throughout the levels along the way. You do this by creating a force with your finger which you use to push him around the levels. There are three level sets: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The Easy level set has ten levels, the Medium has fifteen, and the Hard has twenty levels. The Easy levels are just like they sound, easy. They involve very few obstacles and a lot of stars to collect. The Medium levels are quite a bit harder and have more spikes to avoid and new obstacles like a stationary force that pushes you away. The Hard levels are extremely difficult and include levels with walls completely covered with spikes that involve tons of skill to complete them. At certain parts in the middle of level sets there are bonus levels that have you using the accelerometer to control ShapeShape to collect a lot of stars then find the exit door.

If you don't find that there is enough content in the level sets the game has, there is an online feature that allows you to play level sets that other people have made around the world. This gives a ton more content to the game without having a huge game size. This keeps the game going and I found it adds a ton more re-playability than if you just had the preset levels. The game also has a level creator feature which allows you to create your own levels using shapes and objects in a tool bar. This adds a fun element to the game and even if you don't feel like playing you can create your own level the way you want it instead of the preset levels. Unfortunately the level creator isn't as good as I had hoped. There is a limit to how many blocks you can add so if you wanted to create a tight channel in your level, then you will be stopped before you can finish. Also when you want to play a level that someone else has created, you need to have an internet connection. This is bad for people running on an iPod Touch because they can not play the levels in the car or outside of a wi-fi area.

Besides some little downsides to the game, it is overall very well done. The artwork and graphics are very nice and the little cut scenes are quick and to the point. This game comes very recommended and will keep you enjoyed for a long period of time. The game is a fun and innovative title for any iPhone and iPod Touch and utilizes many elements of the devices.

9/10 - For a limited level creator and not being able to download level packs.

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