the little tank that could
Abraham Stolk
0.2 MB

the little tank that could is a fun game revolving around Newtonian physics. You are in control of a tank and the objective is to find the end flag to complete the level. You control the tanks speed and direction with a slider on the bottom of the screen, you control the tanks gun by sliding your finger horizontally across the screen, and you fire the gun by double tapping on the screen. You have a limited supply of bullets for the gun as well as gas for the tank. You are given a quite large level and you need to navigate yourself through it using the tank and its gun. In the level you come across teeter-totters, gaps in the floor, ledges to climb over, and jumps. All the obstacle can be solved using the gun, however most will need to be thought through before you try and continue. In the level there are extra bullets and gas hidden, but if you do think your moves through, they shouldn't be needed to finish. At the current version of the the game there is not a lot of content (only one level) but for some reason I found the game very fun and I kept trying to beat my time on the level. I'm not sure what it is about the game but it is very addicting and enjoyable.

The game has an online leaderboard, but at the moment of this review there are only three people on it, the dev, myself, and one other person. You are ranked on your time that you finished the level in.

The developer of the game has plenty of future plans for the it and already has some extra levels in the works. The physics are very nice and realistic and with the planned future levels the game has potential to be a very fun app in the App Store. The current asking price for the game is a quite steep however with the planned future updates I can see the game soon fitting the price properly. If you are into physics games and you have a couple bucks to spare I suggest you get this game.

7/10 - For a massive lack of content.

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