Toki Tori

Chillingo/Two Tribes
9.9 MB
$1.99 (Currently 60% off)

Some of you may remember Toki Tori from back in the Game Boy Colour days when it was first released. The iPhone and iPod touch version is essentially the same experience but with a new touch interface. The game has you trying to guide your little chicken-like creature around levels trying to collect its unhatched sibling eggs scattered throughout the different platforms and trapped behind obstacles. The controls of the game simply involve tapping on an area for the chicken to move there. The first world has you start with some easy level that just require moving and collecting the eggs without any real thinking or planning beforehand. But as the levels progress and new worlds are introduced, the difficulty increases rather quickly and the planning needed to be much more extensive than those levels directly before them. The game has a storyline that is read before you start the game, which gives quite a bit more depth to the game than if you were just aimlessly playing through the worlds with no real understanding of why you were doing so. The four worlds, Forest Falls, Creepy Castle, Slimy Sewer, and Bubble Barrage, all consist of 10 normal levels and once those are successfully solved, another 10 hard levels are unlocked for a total of 80 levels in the game. At the end of the ten normal worlds, the player is treated to a short cinematic of Toki Tori entering the next world either on purpose or by accident. Each world has their own unique obstacles and all introduce new tools to combat the enemies/obstacles involved in the worlds. Each new tool is introduced before you start a level with a brief intro to the tools abilities and the level following each new tools introduction consists of a simple solution in order for the player to get the "feel" of the new tool. However after this the levels begin to get harder and the number of tools that can be used are limited, thus increasing the difficulty of the levels. To use a tool you simply move Toki Tori to the spot you want to use it, then tap a tool in the toolbar on the side of the screen. Some of the tools available in Toki Tori include Telewarp, InstantRock, Slug Sucker,  Freeze-o-matic, and the Ghost Trap.

The graphics and artwork in the game are nothing short of spectacular and are some of the smoothest I've ever seen. I found the game to be very responsive and have had no problems with the touch-to-move interface. The menu's are simple but the get the job done for the type of game it is. Loading time is quick and barely noticeable. Overall I find Toki Tori to be a great game and as of right now dominates the puzzle platformers in the App Store. Two Tribes and Chillingo have really outdone themselves and brought a classic to the iphone and ipod touch.

9/10 - For the lack of levels, however Two Tribes is discussing adding more levels in either future updates or in-app purchases. 

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