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Wordulous is a fun, beautifully executed, anagram game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. When you first start the game you are shown the tutorial pages that will explain the game modes, the objective of the game, and functions of the different buttons on the game. The object of the game is quite simple and very easy to pick up on. You are given either six or seven random letters and you need to spell words with them. There are only so many solutions and it will take some time to get very fast in picking the right words. Under the letters you have several buttons that you can use during the game. There is button to submit your word, a button to shuffle your letters, a cheat button that will show you one letter from every solution, and a button to move on to the next set of words (this can only be used after a certain amount of words have been solved). Wordulous offers three different game modes to choose from: Practice, Examination, and Challenge. In the Practice mode you do not have a time limit, and you are awarded points for correct words, however the final score is not counted at the end of your game. In the Examination mode you are given a time limit (either 3, 5, or 7 minutes, depending on what you choose) and you are rewarded points for every word you create correctly. In this game mode your final score is counted and posted to either the online or local leaderboards. The Challenge game mode allows you to challenge your contacts or Facebook friends and see if they can beat your score. This uses notifications and will keep the game new and refreshing always trying to beat your friends.

Wordulous offers plenty of settings for you to personalize your experience while playing. You will be given the options to change the amount of letters, change the length of your examination, change the background color, change the font color, and even change the list that the words come from. You also have the option to upload your scores to Twitter and Facebook, and let your hi-scores be known by everyone.

The game does have online leaderboards and you have the option to upload your scores. You are ranked on your final score at the end of an examination. I found the online scores to be very well done for this type of game and the experience very enjoyable.

Wordulous has very nice chalkboard graphics and features nice transitions between rounds. The game responsiveness may sometimes be a little iffy but for the most part it functions well. The many options keep the game very relaxing or very hectic, whichever you are in the mood for. The music is very soothing and allows you to think and concentrate on your letters and solutions, which is key in a game of this nature. It will provide a fun time for amateurs without any experience, and for pros with a background in anagram games. Wordulous offers one of the best anagram experiences in the App Store and is a must buy for anyone even remotely interested in the genre.

9/10 - For an amazing game with sometimes unresponsive controls.

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