Zombieville USA
Mika Mobile
13.8 MB

Zombieville USA is a unique game that brings its players the satisfaction of blowing the brains out of zombies. As you start up the game you are greeted with a very nice intro to the menu involving some horror music and screaming. You have the choices to play the game, change some options or watch a tutorial. There is a story behind the game that has to do with zombies invading your town and you needing to get rid of them (or something like that). You control your character with one of two options given in the game. The first "classic" method has you tapping arrows on either side of the screen to move and tapping the middle to shoot. The second method has the moving arrows on the left side of the screen and the shooting and melee buttons on the right. The game's objective is actually quite simple, you are given a weapon of some sort and you need to kill all the zombies that come into your path in order to clear a round. You continue doing this until your health reached zero and you die, hopefully after beating your hi-score. You come into contact with three types of zombies in the game, a normal medium paced medium health zombie, a fast paced low health zombie, and a slow paced high health zombie. Along your gruesome journey (in-between rounds) you have the option to upgrade your weapon or buy new ones using money you gain from killing zombies and raiding houses. You start with a pistol and a baseball bat to fend off zombies with, and as you progress through the rounds you can purchase new weapons such as a machine gun, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, a chainsaw, etc. Each weapon can be upgraded three times and has limited ammo while playing so you need to think about what gun to use before you play. A recent update to the game added melee weapons such as the baseball bat mentioned before as well as extra lives. The melee weapons can also be upgraded and don't lose ammo like the guns. While playing you walk pass houses that you enter by tapping on the door. These houses can contain ammo, or money and may sometimes be the difference between life and death.

The games re-playability factor is truly the best reason to purchase this game. Every experience playing is different and has you trying new strategies to try and beat your highest score. Unfortunately the one "survive as long as you can" game mode may also steer you away from this. Perhaps a story mode with purpose, but that would take away from the style of game. There is no online leaderboards and only your highest score and latest scores are saved. Your scores are decided by the amount of rounds you survived and how many zombies you killed along the way.

The artwork and graphics in the game are great and the loading times are very fast. The control methods are both very responsive and allow you to be very fast with your trigger finger. The game is overall very well done and a nice original title for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

9/10 - For a lack of different game modes.

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